Dario Salas Sommer

Peace & Unity

The ELEVATE Monte-Carlo 2022 conference's main message was that we can achieve more together in peace and unity.

Former NASA Astronaut, Ron Garan's philosophy is to zoom out to a greater perspective where we can see one planet as one borderless spaceship, called planet Earth. This can foster collaborative environments where teammates can achieve their true potential.

The Astronaut's message was in harmony with the thoughts of the Chilean philosopher, Dario Salas Sommer, known especially for his exploration of moral aspects of human life and personal development.

A private letter from the Chilean philosopher, founder of the Latin American Foundation Simon Bolivar was at the disposal of the organisers thanks to a Monaco resident student of the late philosopher.

In this letter, written a year before his death, Dario Salas Sommer said:

"People and nations are in dire need of achieving mutual understanding, honest and harmonious communication among themselves. If this does not happen, the actions of people turn against them, and then we, as a species and as humanity as a whole, are doomed to extinction."

Dario Salas Sommer
Dario Salas Sommer

Santiago, Chile, 8 February 2017

Dear Presidents,

I am deeply honoured by the opportunity to address you, the leaders of two great nations.

Our world is going through very difficult times; confusion reigns and there is no real clarity regarding who is right and who is not. We are more concerned in proving that others are wrong instead of communicating with one another adequately -regardless of our differences- in order to reach an understanding that will benefit our nations and help to achieve real human and material development, so that this prosperity is more complete and harmonious.

The superior values of the human being have been lost, namely higher consciousness, honour, caring for nature, true love for our homelands, respect towards others, because of this overwhelming and disproportionate pursuit to possess money and goods that can completely cloud reason and judgement.

The current technology of instant communication, social networks and television unfortunately do not always convey the truth. To be honest, oftentimes they only produce massive mental noise that only helps to further disrupt the already damaged cognitive capacity of individuals, overloading us with parasitic and contradictory information, thus generating more confusion and anguish.

I am sure that much of what is said about Russia and the US is far from the truth. Both nations have gone through a number of challenges and have overcome enormous difficulties from which they have emerged stronger, thus becoming what they are
For the good of humanity, it is important that both nations should come together and seek a better understanding of each other.

Their different views regarding a given problem offer a tremendous opportunity to jointly construe a more comprehensive and authentic truth of the problems that affect us. Differences should not be an obstacle for working together. Nobody has a monopoly on the truth, and attaining it demands working together and requires sacrifice, something both nations know very well.

The work I have carried out throughout my life has been devoted to scientifically prove that it is possible for human development to be more complete and real, by increasing the level of consciousness and developing the spirit -an inner force that dwells in all human beings.

have always sustained that it is profitable to be a righteous person and thus be a contribution to humanity. When people act this way, even the most difficult problems can be solved.

Human beings and nations urgently need to reach an understanding by communicating with each other in a genuine and harmonious manner. If not, their actions turn against them and as a species and as humanity we are inexorably bound to disappear. We need to raise our level of humanity and banish hatred and violence from our society.

I am totally convinced that human beings need to profoundly and truly change the way how they understand and analyse reality and the world. The way how reality is understood and analysed is fragmentary, leading to the current situation in the world, where we are not only depredating nature but also destroying ourselves.

Before ending these words I convey to you my heartfelt greetings, hoping that a true alliance is forged today among your nations, allowing the world to once again overcome the difficult times it is living through.

Dario Salas Sommer

Chilean philosopher, scientist and humanist.

  • 1935 - 2018 (aged 82)
  • Known especially for his exploration 
of moral aspects of human life and 
personal development.
  • Given more than 2,000 lectures.
  • The Founder of Fundacion Bolivariana Latinoamericana, a non-profit foundation created to support and develop educational and cultural projects for youth.

Special thanks to the Antropov Foundation

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