ELEVATE Monte-Carlo 2023

—3-day event at the heart of the Principality of Monaco focusing on the environmental and social impact of human space exploration.

Embark on a 71 million-mile journey and rediscover the awe and wonder of space with former NASA Astronaut, Ron Garan who will return to the Principality of Monaco with fellow Astronauts and Space Industry Professionals for the first dedicated environmental debate on the space industry.

The conference will inspire the participants with amazing stories of spaceflights and spacewalks from former Astronauts’ journey beyond the edge of space, as well as the evolution of their perspective on humanity; to zoom out to a greater perspective where we can see one planet as one borderless spaceship, called planet Earth. This can foster collaborative environments where teammates can achieve their true potential.

With this perspective, the ELEVATE Space Conference encourages participants, businesses and professionals to view and live their lives as if they would be crew mates with others on a spaceship, respecting differences and enhancing collaboration through diversity. Every small step in our daily lives counts to create a more liveable and conscious planet.

So mark your calendars for the Elevate Space Conference, happening in Monaco this year. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of history in the making and join the conversation on the future of space exploration. Don't miss it!

“Space is an inspirational concept that allows you to dream big.”
- Peter Diamandis

Think Tank

Following the resounding success of 2022, the ELEVATE Space Conference returns with multiple Space Industry Think Thanks on the Future of Space Exploration and the Environmental Impacts. We invited 650+ Space Industry Experts and Astronauts for the biggest Space Environmental Think Tank ever.

During this three-day ELEVATE Space Conference, visitors can explore the Future of Space Exploration, engage in Environmental Impact Debates, and gain valuable insights from Inspiring Astronaut Presentations and Keynote Speeches with actionable takeaways. We also invited Space technology leaders to exhibit their latest cutting-edge inventions to create positive impact on our planet.

There will be many other fascinating topics and exhibitions during the 3-day event, spiced up with interesting keynote speeches with audience participation.

Join us for this unforgettable journey beyond the edge of space, and elevate your understanding of space and its impact on humanity.

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“A wonderful call to shift our point of view from local to global, from myopic to orbital. This consciousness-altering, ego-dissolving, mind-reconfiguring experience renders our common purpose clear: we are the frontal lobes of this Pale Blue Dot and we need to leverage our collective genius to overcome our challenges and unleash our potential. Bravo!" - Jason Silva . Host of National Geographic's BrainGames

National Geographic

“The Orbital Perspective reminds us of our common humanity and that the pressing challenges we face, we must face and resolve together through tolerance, dialogue, and cooperation.” - Kofi A. Annan . Nobel Peace Laureate and Chair, Kofi Annan Foundation

Kofi Annan Foundation


October 16

Mission Launch Cocktail & Networking Night

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October 17-19

ELEVATE Space Conference & Environmental Think Tank Space Technology Exhibition, Astronaut meetings

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TV Personality Victoria Bonya and Model Victoria Silvstedt
TV Personality Victoria Bonya and Model Victoria Silvstedt / ELEVATE Monte-Carlo
Monaco Students attend ELEVATE Monte-Carlo
Monaco Students attend ELEVATE Monte-Carlo / ELEVATE Monte-Carlo

"I felt like I’d actually climbed aboard the ISS for a while. The closest I’ll ever get to being in space." - Roger Atkins, Electric Vehicle Outlook Ltd.

International School of Monaco students with Ron Garan
International School of Monaco students with Ron Garan / ELEVATE Monte-Carlo
Alexey Antropov, Colonel Ron Garan and ELEVATE Founder Zsolt Szemerszky
Alexey Antropov, Colonel Ron Garan and ELEVATE Founder Zsolt Szemerszky / ELEVATE Monte-Carlo
Ron Garan with Monegasque kids holding Dario Salas Sommer books
Ron Garan with Monegasque kids holding Dario Salas Sommer books / ELEVATE Monte-Carlo

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