MonacoLife – Elevate Space Conference to take audience to the stars

The Elevate Space Conference and Gala Dinner, featuring a real NASA astronaut telling stories of his adventures, is coming to Monaco in November.

For many, flying above the clouds and far into the heavens is the ultimate dream. In this budding age of space tourism, the likelihood that, in a generation or so, people can choose to go to space like they choose to go to Paris is certainly an intriguing prospect.

With space being so heavily in the news, an event based on space travels is not only timely, but exciting. This is the goal of the Elevate Space Conference and Gala Dinner, being held on 2nd November at Blue Bay at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort.

Former astronaut Ron Garan, who did two tours equalling six months on the International Space Station, will be the special guest speaker, entertaining audiences with thrilling tales of spacewalks and flights as well as accounts of day-to-day living in space that will transport the audience with him on these incredible journeys.

This unique outlook will make for an extraordinary night. Zsolt Szemerszky, organiser of the event, says, “Starting from a foundation of awe and wonder changes everything. It is the ‘secret sauce’ that opens the mind to new ideas, connections, and creative solutions. Ron uses the magic of awe and wonder to inspire audiences to discover a new perspective that he discovered after seeing the earth from space.”

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